Electronic Recycling

Current Electronic Recycling Prices:

General Disposal Fee – $.20/lb

Computer Towers – Free

Flatscreen Monitors – $5 each

Flatscreen TVs – $.25/lb

Printers/Scanners – $.35/lb

CRTs – $.75/lb

We have the right to refuse any electronics. Processing/Handling fees may apply. If the material is damaged, hazardous, incomplete, or had parts harvested extra charges may apply. Charged items may be taken for free at our discretion if the value of electronics alongside exceeds the total charge amount. We are not responsible for your data if you do not use our data destruction service, remove all personal data off devices before recycling. We may offer discounts on large quantities of electronics.


Health Care
Law Firms

We Accept All Electronic Waste

Laptops, Desktops, Servers

Microphones, Speakers, Turntables, Mixers, Headphones, & more

Networking Equipment
Server Components

Video Games (CDs/DVDs/Cartridges)
Video Game Consoles
Video Game Accessories

We are partnered with hospitals and medical offices. We accept all electronic medical equipment. We offer HIPAA compliant data destruction services for medical equipment containing sensitive data.

Disassembled and miscellaneous electronic hardware parts

Hard Drives, Video Cards, Power Supplies, CPUs, Motherboards, & more

LED, LCD, and CRT (service charges apply)

Cell phones, Tablets, E-Readers

Printers, Fax Machines, Scanners, Copiers

Keyboards, Mice, Cables, Power Supplies, Adapters, Chargers, Power Strips, UPS Backups, External Hard Drives, Dongles, Remotes, USB Drives, & more

Routers, Modems, Switches, Bridges, Access Points