Greenway Computers has a full staff of trained technicians with over 30 years of technical experience and a diverse skill set. We repair personal, residential, business, and commercial electronic equipment. Our techs are kept up to date on any hardware or software issues. We are prepared to handle any repair down to the electronic component level. This reduces the cost of hardware repairs for you and reduces global electronic waste.


Purchase our genuinely refurbished TVs, computers, phones, iPads, monitors, and more in our Greenway showroom located in Somers Point, NJ or visit our ebay store. A detailed inspection of every feature and function is performed to ensure the best possible condition. Everything we sell comes with a 90 day warranty. Purchasing a refurbished computer or other electronic device is the highest form of recycling because it creates another life cycle.


Our goal is to reduce pollution to protect the global environment. Discarded electronics are refurbished for reuse or broken down into recyclable parts for safe processing. Concerned about your hard drives? We have HIPAA compliant data destruction services. Data privacy will continue to be a major concern when recycling electronics. You can trust that we will securely destroy your data and safely recycle the electronics themselves.

About us

Founded in 2009

with a clear mission to serve the communities, counties, and states with solutions for all e-waste recycling needs. We are a leader and innovator for electronic recycling. Greenway Computers is a family owned and operated business. We are actively involved with our community by providing internship opportunities to high school students. Our interns learn vital life skills and we hope to foster a love for technology. Many of our interns are hired as employees upon completing the program. Family owned businesses are critical for stimulating local economies and providing skilled job opportunities.

Doing our part to protect the environment

We truly care about protecting the environment. Our goal is to keep electronic waste out of landfills. We accept electronics from large corporations, small businesses, and the general public. Please recycle responsibly with Greenway.

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